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This website is a project of the Oxford-Harvard-Sloan Initiative for International Comparative Household Finance. Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and based at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, and Harvard University, the initiative’s purpose is to expand and enrich the study of household finance by taking a broader international perspective. Our goal is to explore how household financial markets (such as mortgage, pension, and risky asset markets) are set up around the world, and whether there are international best practices that can be established.
Research focus
The goal of this project is to decrease the barriers to entry for young academics who want to study questions in household finance. We aim to highlight the unique connection between micro-level data and academic research. Our guiding principle is to benefit from the internationally comparative dimension of the field, with respect to product availability and optimal choice, as well as to the cross-country heteregeneity in institutional frameworks. This online system focuses primarily on documenting the availability of international datasets which capture the behaviour and financial situations of households.
This is the first online version of the website. The official launch date was March 2014. At the present stage, the website's functionalities are indicative of the planned future direction, in terms of content, data coverage and interactivity.

We are trying to offer easily accessible information, which is self-contained and intuitively organized. To help us achieve this goal, please use the Forum sections to submit your comments and suggestions.

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